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Building Relationships with Investors

The importance of relationships with potential customers & investors (angel investors and venture capitalists) is often overlooked and under-minded by Entrepreneurs looking for funding. The fact is, relationship building with these investors and customers (yes, prior to even having a product released) is very important. Traditionally speaking, most Entrepreneurs assume cash first…than customers. But really, […]


20 Signs Of Imminent Financial Collapse In Europe – Part 1

Hindmarsh Finance has identified 20 signs of imminent financial collapse in Europe: #1 The yield on 2 year Greek bonds is now over 60 percent. The yield on 1 year Greek bonds is now over 110 percent. Basically, world financial markets now fully expect that Greece will default. #2 European bank stocks are getting absolutely […]


6 Funding Options for New Media & Internet Investments

The growth of digital media and Internet is continuing worldwide, these sectors have not seen any slowdown as other sectors, which is also a reason why investors are still finding digital media & Internet as attractive investors. For 2011, investments flowing into digital media / Internet sectors has once gain dominated the venture capital investment […]


Top 7 Venture Capital Firms

free web directory, Decorated Shed Hindmarsh Finance identified Top 7 Trusted Venture Capital Firms in the US as rated by Entrepreneurs. These are seed stage through early stage venture capital firms. 1. Rincon Venture Partners Focus: Web Location: Southern California (local only) Stage: Early Stage While this top venture capital firm doesn’t seem to chase […]


Four Reasons Your Project Won’t Get Funded

Since 2007, we have specialized in solving problems related to the finance of commercial properties and business financing such as lines of credit and receivables financing. We see the tough deals referred to us by bankers, accountants or attorneys, who have a client who needs help. Over the years, we have seen hundreds of loan […]