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Proven Investment Program QS100

Investment Program for Small Investors Investment Program QS100 for Small Investors provides a real and lucrative opportunity to participate in Buy/Sell Trade Programs by pooling their resources with other Savvy Investors. • Minimum Investment Funds USD 100,000 to participate. These must be deposited in a Trust Account and will be returned after the Trade. * […]


PPP for Funds in Mainland China and Hong Kong

No swift necessary Funds in Mainland China and Hong Kong. Minimum USD 100M. Maximum 10B. Larger Amounts upon approval. Trade Earnings are 100% per Week x 40 Weeks plus a mix of 3 Days Bullet Trade Programs offering 3 times the Value of Investment (subject to availability). Compliance documents required: – KYC or CIS Package […]


BG Buy/Sell Program

This is a one-year Buy/Sell Program with the Trader, not through a third party platform. Minimum Value BG for Trade is USD 100M. BG must be issued or confirmed by Top 50 Bank from an accepted Country for Trade. Instrument is blocked in the Bank via MT760. Trading is normally done for 40 weeks per […]