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PPP for Funds in Mainland China and Hong Kong

No swift necessary Funds in Mainland China and Hong Kong. Minimum USD 100M. Maximum 10B. Larger Amounts upon approval. Trade Earnings are 100% per Week x 40 Weeks plus a mix of 3 Days Bullet Trade Programs offering 3 times the Value of Investment (subject to availability). Compliance documents required: – KYC or CIS Package […]


Program #9 – 40 Week Swift Block Trade

Major banks are acceptable. 500M minimum, 5B maximum. Cash, bank instruments, LEASED FUNDS AND LEASED INSTRUMENTS are acceptable. No Heritage funds. This program is for accounts that have to be blocked via swift (Note: any leased asset requires an acceptable swift block). Historical returns are 50% per week to the investor. Swifts MT760, MT103/23, MT542 […]


Program #4 – 5 Day Bullet Trade

Major banks are acceptable. 500M minimum, 5B maximum. Cash only is acceptable. Heritage funds and bank instruments are not allowed. The investor must provide a POF only via SWIFT MT799. Historical returns to the investor are 140% paid after the 5 day trade period. The program then automatically rolls into a 40 week trade with […]


Bullet Program #18a

Minimum amount needed to participate in this program is $10 million cash. Maximum accepted is $100 million. The trader we have access to is using Standard Chartered Bank in Hong Kong to perform this special Private Placement Bullet Program for interested and financially qualified clients with CASH only. If the client already has an account […]