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What Is Venture Capital?

Venture capital is money provided by an outside investor to finance a new, growing, or troubled business. The venture capitalist provides the funding knowing that there’s a significant risk associated with the company’s future profits and cash flow. Capital is invested in exchange for an equity stake in the business rather than given as a […]


How to Make the Law of Attraction Work Every Time

Can the law of attraction bring you health, wealth, happiness, and just about anything else you desire? The answer to that question is a great big yes. But don’t be fooled. The law of attraction can be a double-edged sword because as the law states: We attract what we think about or we become what […]


Need Money For Your Project?

A Few Links to Possible Investors Getting investors is essential if you have a new Startup. Some startups take smaller amounts of cash than others. Borrowing against ones property to fund the business is risky and it is advisable to think very carefully if you elect to take this as your means of capital. You […]


Top 10 Angel Investor Groups

Hindmarsh Finance prepared a list of the largest groups that fund startups, ranked by number of investors. Sometimes a company’s future growth is contingent on landing angel investment funding. The challenge is to find the right angel investor who is passionate about your business. If your network isn’t already populated with wealthy business investors, you […]


Emerging Cleantech Capital Markets

Besides the 2 heavy-weights in Cleantech Investments (USA & China), there are other markets you should consider to raise capital for cleantech related opportunities. Here are some good reasons to contact investors in these markets : 1) Many of these markets are encouraging Cleantech Industries and have grants & funds allocated 2) Sometimes this means […]