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How To Correctly Approach A Tier 1 Trade Platform

Being on the receiving end of dozens of submissions that come in on a daily base, of which most come from people who do not understand the proper etiquette to successfully be invited into a trade program, as many times a capital provider / potential client, has a pre-conceived notion about how to approach a […]


Feasibility Study (Proof Of Business Concept) Cont.

Market Environment Target Market: • Define and describe the target market(s). Distinguish between end users and customers. • Be clear how end users and customers benefit, and how and why they would buy the product or service. • What is the unmet need(s) your product or services fulfill so beautifully? And how big is the […]


Feasibility Study (Proof Of Business Concept) Outline

• Executive Summary • Product or Service • Technology • Market Environment • Competition • Industry • Business Model • Marketing and Sales Strategy • Production/Operating Requirements • Management and Personnel Requirements • Intellectual Property • Regulations/Environmental Issues • Critical Risk Factors • Timing Considerations • Financial Projections – Balance Sheet Projections – Income Statement […]


Function Of A Feasibility Plan – Proof Of Business Concept

Feasibility plans help entrepreneurs – and their investors – judge whether a business concept is credible. The process of preparing a feasibility plan is a testing process – a validation process to determine what could go wrong and what needs to go right for an enterprise to root and grow. Preparing a feasibility plan requires […]


Developing A Feasibility Study

A Feasibility Study (proof of business concept) is a formalized, written approach to evaluating your business idea. It should; • Show you what facts and figures are needed to aid decision making. • Show whether or not your idea is viable. • Allow you to discover and look at alternative approaches and solutions to putting […]