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Cleantech Venture Investment Up 12% From Previous Quarter

According to the latest from Hindmarsh Finance, venture investment in the industry grew 12% in Q3 2011 ($1.98 billion) compared to the previous quarter, and is up 23% since Q3 2010 ($1.81 billion). Worldwide, there were 189 deals totaling $2.23 billion. In Q2 2011, there were 179 deals, for comparison purposes. Of this quarter’s deals, […]


Venture Firms Reduce Biotechnology Investment on FDA Risk

Venture capital firms are investing less in experimental drugmakers and medical device makers because of what they say are regulatory hurdles, a survey found. Almost 40 percent of 150 venture capital firms that responded to the survey have decreased their investment in life sciences during the past three years, the National Venture Capital Association said […]


How to Talk to Investors

One of the most nerve wracking things an Entrepreneur can go through is the moment it comes to talking to investors. Chances are that Entrepreneur has been preparing for fundraising for 12-24 months. This is the moment it all comes down to for you, the Entrepreneur…and then…you screw it up. Well, don’t feel bad. This […]


Looking for Money?

As of late we have seen various initiatives that are trying to spur small business lending in the hopes that companies looking for financing options may be able to grow as a result of getting access to credit but there are arguments that investors may be more helpful to businesses at the present time, particularly […]


20 Signs Of Imminent Financial Collapse In Europe – Part 2

Continued from Page 1 #11 The yield on 2 year Portuguese bonds is now over 15 percent. A year ago the yield on those bonds was about 4 percent. #12 Portugal, Ireland and Italy now also have debt to GDP ratios that are well above 100%. #13 Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Italy and Spain owe the […]