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Proven Investment Program QS100

Investment Program for Small Investors Investment Program QS100 for Small Investors provides a real and lucrative opportunity to participate in Buy/Sell Trade Programs by pooling their resources with other Savvy Investors. • Minimum Investment Funds USD 100,000 to participate. These must be deposited in a Trust Account and will be returned after the Trade. * […]


Deferred Asset Funding Program

This Deferred Asset Funding Program (DAF) is available to Corporate and Private Investors. Project Summary is required. • An Investment of Euro 250,000 Cash will Lease a BG valued 100M Euro. Principal will issue Corporate Refund Undertaking • Following Approval of his Documents, the Principal/Funder will issue a Cash Backed Euro 100M BG which will […]


Funding With Sovereign Guarantees

We provide Project Funding to Government of a Country against Sovereign Guarantees (SG) to help improve the quality life for people around the world. We offer an outstanding proposition for any particular governments that are prepared to issue a Sovereign Guarantee to support their citizen or humanitarian projects. The process is not easy and requires […]