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Function Of A Feasibility Plan – Proof Of Business Concept

Feasibility plans help entrepreneurs – and their investors – judge whether a business concept is credible. The process of preparing a feasibility plan is a testing process – a validation process to determine what could go wrong and what needs to go right for an enterprise to root and grow. Preparing a feasibility plan requires […]


Developing A Feasibility Study

A Feasibility Study (proof of business concept) is a formalized, written approach to evaluating your business idea. It should; • Show you what facts and figures are needed to aid decision making. • Show whether or not your idea is viable. • Allow you to discover and look at alternative approaches and solutions to putting […]


Business Plans

A business plan is a detailed road map for building a given company. A business plan contains all that the feasibility study has plus specific timelines, detailed budgets with forecasts, letters of intent, resumes of staff, background, competition, strengths and weaknesses, work sheets (with full supporting references and notations) and appendices. Appendices should include copies […]


Canadian Venture Capital & Private Equity Database

Canadian Capital Providers Guide is an extensive database covering many Canada based venture capital and private equity firms. The types of investors include venture capital, private equity investors, angel investors, university sponsored investors and government sponsored investors. We launched this database due to growing number of firms seeking for information relating to venture capital & […]


Cleantech Venture Investment Up 12% From Previous Quarter

According to the latest from Hindmarsh Finance, venture investment in the industry grew 12% in Q3 2011 ($1.98 billion) compared to the previous quarter, and is up 23% since Q3 2010 ($1.81 billion). Worldwide, there were 189 deals totaling $2.23 billion. In Q2 2011, there were 179 deals, for comparison purposes. Of this quarter’s deals, […]