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Cash Funds Trade Program 10M – 5B

Trade Program for Cash Funds in Top Bank from accepted Countries The Platform is located in London. Blocking could be done daily Tear sheet, Admin Block or MT760/MT799 Block of Funds. Trade Earnings are 100% per Week x 40 Weeks plus a mix of 3 Days Bullet Trade Programs offering 3 times the Value of […]


Program #7 – 40 Week Fed Trade

Major Banks are acceptable. 500M minimum,100B maximum. Cash, Heritage Funds (HSBC HK only) and Bank Instruments are acceptable. This Program is set to Trade Assets that are registered on the Fed Interbank Screens, ie: Chinese Grey Screen. Historical returns are 70% to the investor per month and paid out monthly to the investor. Assets will […]


Program #3 – 10 Day Hong Kong Bullet Trade

This program is for HSBC Hong Kong, Standard Chartered Hong Kong and Heng Sang Bank Hong Kong only. 100M to 5B maximum. Cash only. Heritage funds and bank instruments are not allowed. The Investor is required to visit the bank and provide a tear sheet one time only. Historical returns to the investor are 240% […]


Program #2 – 3 Day Hong Kong Bullet Trade

3 day is 100% Net. We have a 3-Day/Daily Trade where we can ping the account. If the client can work fast to get things organized we can take the client into trade this week. Day Trade takes 2-3 days to set up, payment made in 3 days (or day after). The client will net […]


Mainland China RMB Tear Sheet Trade Program

TEAR SHEET / POF PROGRAM FOR ONLY CASH FUNDS. ALL TOP INTERNATIONAL BANKS ACCEPTED WORLD WIDE. MAINLAND CHINA BANKS ACCEPTED. MIN ENTRY 100 MILLION USD Bullet points are: 1) A tear sheet is pulled and submitted for approval/compliance on positive compliance the Contract is issued. 2) Client adds Sigma ( lender / trader ) onto […]