6 Funding Options for New Media & Internet Investments

The growth of digital media and Internet is continuing worldwide, these sectors have not seen any slowdown as other sectors, which is also a reason why investors are still finding digital media & Internet as attractive investors. For 2011, investments flowing into digital media / Internet sectors has once gain dominated the venture capital investment transactions.

Here are 6 types of funding options you can consider:

1. Angel Investors – This is often the first type of investor that comes to mind, angel investors are individual investors which can include executives from other businesses, accountants, or just general investors. They can be found either at dedicated community forums, or through specific websites that has these investors as members.

2. Early stage venture capital investors – There are plenty of them around the world, particularly in the United States. These investors look for next big thing in Internet & technology innovations, a good starting point will be contacting investors at the technology hubs like Silicon Valley, Seattle, Boston, New York as well as new capital markets like Texas, Chicago and San Diego.

3. Europe – Europe is a good market to consider for digital media & Internet applications. Certain countries are especially highly supportive to these sectors, our top selection will be UK, Germany, France, The Netherlands and also Israel. These capital markets have established Internet & e-commerce economies, supported by their internal venture capital communities.

4. Asia Pacific Markets – E-commerce is growing rapidly in Asian markets, success of Asian Internet companies such as Baidu, Sohu and gaming companies has encouraged investors in this region to participate in these sectors. Our top selection are venture capital investors in China, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore; Australia also has some interesting venture capital investors that are highly experienced in the new media sectors.

5. University Venture Capital Funds – Many universities have their own venture capital funds that are used to fund R&D opportunities, universities can also help you to commercialize your projects. University venture capital funds are typically contributed by its alumni or corporations which can also offer assistance to young companies.

6. Company Executives – Many investment institutions are attached to corporates; such as Google, Virgin Group, AT&T, Microsoft, Cisco or Schneider. Other firms are set up by successful executives of public listed companies. One way to raise capital is to introduce your deal to executives of other Internet & digital media companies; and utilize their networking to find suitable investors for your opportunities.

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