Project Financing for Accommodation & Tourism Services Barbados – Cash In On The Social Media Revolution Now

The Project Financing is a planned expansion by Millennium Investments Ltd., a vertically integrated operator and owner of The Crane Resort, situated on 38 acres in St. Philip, Barbados.

The business risk management model at Millennium indicated (i) construct residential units in Barbados and sell the ownership in fractions to end-users and (ii) to operate the completed rooms as a resort management company. The proposed project is to (i) continue construction at the Company’s existing site, (ii) commence construction at a site owned by the Company and (iii) to acquire new land for continued growth.

The Company is controlled by Mr. W. Paul Doyle, a Canadian national. Logical Lending Solutons Pty. Ltd., Australia has proposed a US$20.0 million Business Loan for its own book, which would be divided into a $10.0 million A-Loan and $10.0 million C-Loan. The project is located in the parish of St. Philip, Barbados.

The proposed Project will help the largest employer in Barbados’ east coast to expand its operations. The following key development impacts are expected for the Project:
Employment: By expanding its construction and room operations, both temporary and permanent employment will increase.
Rural economic development: St Philip is on the relatively undeveloped east coast of Barbados. The Company is the largest single employer in the area and its expansion will increase both direct and indirect employment.

The new development at Whitehaven is planned on what is currently animal grazing land that was acquired on a willing buyer, willing seller basis from the previous owner and which will impose only readily mitigable environmental impacts.

Project Finance for Lafarge’s operations in Iraq – Cash In On The Social Media Revolution Now

Lafarge’s operations in Iraq consist of a 2.5 mtpa cement plant in Bazian, Suleimanyah, and a 2.3 mtpa cement plant in Tasluja, Sulaimaniyah, leased from the Government. In addition, Lafarge is in the process of finalizing a lease agreement with the Government of Iraq to rehabilitate and operate a 1.8 mtpa cement plant near Kerbala, Iraq.

The Risk Management Module has three components: (i) supporting Lafarge’s expansion and growth in Iraq; (ii) refinancing a portion of Lafarge’s shareholder loans to the Bazian plant, originally made as a shareholder bridge loan in the absence of banks willing to lend directly into Iraq; and (iii) debt financing to the Kerbala plant.

Arrangements made by Logical Lending Solutions P/L, Australia consist of: (i) an IFC equity investment of up to US$25 million in Lafarge’s holding company for its Iraqi operations; (ii) an IFC A Loan of up to US$50 million in BCC; and (iii) an IFC A Loan of up to 25 million to Al-Ruwad, to support a rehabilitation program with an estimated project cost of US$220 million.

The financial project covers two cement plants currently under the control of Lafarge and located in Bazian and Tasluja respectively, close to Suleimanyah, Iraq. In addition, Lafarge  is in the process of finalizing a lease agreement with the Government of Iraq to rehabilitate a cement plant near Karbala, Iraq. All three plants are existing industrial operations located in rural areas with low population density and sparse vegetation.

Lafarge Iraq

International Project Finance for Applied Solar in India – Cash In On The Social Media Revolution Now

International Business News shows Applied Solar Technologies (“AST” or the “Company”) is a solar PV based off-grid power solution company that provides off grid solar power currently to telecom towers which often rely on diesel based generation for 50 – 100% of their power requirements.

AST builds and operates these solar installations and takes over the power supply management of each site. It uses a combination of solar PV, battery back-up and diesel generator making it a hybrid energy solution that optimizes the usage of various sources through a controller. The optimal usage of these sources results in decreased diesel consumption, increased battery life and reduced diesel generator maintenance and replacement costs resulting in savings for AST’s consumers.

AST plans to install its solution in about 10,000 telecom tower sites in next few years. IFC is considering an investment of a total of up to $21 million in the Company in a combination of equity and debt.

AST’s projects will be at multiple sites in primarily rural areas of India’s states of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa and Rajasthan. Logical Lending Solutions P/L, Australia has helped AST raise additional equity and debt financing required to implement its business plan. AST intends to large amount of debt and equity to complete its expansion plan of the next few years. While the company has been able to attract venture capital investors, availability of debt is key to the successful rollout of the Company while ensuring adequate returns for the investors.

The Company does not currently have banking relationships in India and it believes that an association with IFC at this early stage will give it the visibility to attract local banks as well as export credit agencies whose support will be vital for implementing its business plan.

Construction Project Finance for low-income housing projects in Mexico – Cash In On The Social Media Revolution Now

International Business News shows that Hindmarsh LLC, USA in cooperation with Logical Lending Solutions P/L, Australia has invited International Finance Corporation (IFC) to participate in one of its main business operations: investments in lower-income housing projects developed by Solida Administradora de Portafolios S.A. de C.V., Mexico.

In this line of business, Solida provides preferred equity capital to large homebuilders in Mexico for the acquisition of land. On its own account, the Company has financed approximately 50 projects to date, equivalent to the construction of around 110,000 mostly lower-income houses.

The proposed construction project would entail IFC co-investing up to US$50 million, or 20% of the total financing needs, through a master trust to provide preferred equity capital for individual low-income housing sub projects. Solida and possibly another investor will provide the financing for the remaining funds.

Summary of Proposed Investment (SPI) was disclosed April 20, 2010 and will be analysed by IFC Board Members on June 24, 2010

Solida Administradora de Portafolios S.A. de C.V., Mexico.

Risk Management Acquisition for Purcari Vineyard Moldova – Cash In On The Social Media Revolution Now

Moldovian Business & Travel News indicates that Purcari Vineyard & 4 Stars Hotel is a Luxurious Hotel located in Purcari Village, near Stefan Voda, some 120 km from the City if Chisinau.

The valley is well known for its beauty and concentration of vineyards. The Hotel was set up as a sole proprietorship of Vineyard Purcary Ltd. Its main activities are:  Grape Growing, Wine Producing and Hotel Accommodation.

The Hotel is the center piece for the entire vineyard. It only has 8 Rooms Each of them has its own private bath. The fac ility has on the Ground Floor a wonderful centralized Lounge Room for the socialization of the Guests, a Shop for memorabilias, a private garden patio, and an on-site winery on the Purcari’s 320 ha of Vineyard Land. To top things off, every room has beautiful windows offering guests an unprecedented view of the valley.

The Mission of Purcari Vineyard & 4 Stars Hotel is to provide the finest tourist experience. We exist to attract and maintain customers. When we adhere to this motto,everything else falls into place. Our services will exceed the expectations of our customers.

The objectives of Purcari Vineyard & 4 Stars Hotel for the first three years of operation include:

  • · To create a Hotel whose primary goal is to exceed customer’s expectations.
  • · The usage of Purcari Vineyard & 4 Stars Hotel by visitors every week throughout the year.
  • · To increase our number of clients by 20% per year through superior service.
  • · To develop a sustainable business, surviving off its own cash flow.

Purcari Vineyard & 4 Stars Hotel will be using advertising and membership in associations to drive in prospective customers. They will also use their website as a complete source of information about the B&B. The Hotel staff will then turn these leads into customers through unsurpassed attentiveness in one-on-one phone inquiries/conversations.

To acquire Purcari Vineyard, Hindmarsh LLC, USA in cooperation with Logical Lending Solutions P/L, Australia has set up a business  finance for Vinalvin SRL for 17,5 million Euros. This will take care of the acquisition, extension  and working capital for the first year, after which they will implement another Project to extend the Hotel and set up an Entertainment area for its tourist to concentrate on this profit center.