Where To Find Telecommunications Investors

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Here are some suggestions and ideas to assist you in finding investment capital for telecommunications related projects. In short, this industry continues to rise due to a number of factors, the ever growing Internet applications have created demand for new infrastructure, the growing applications & reliance on wireless communications and global increase of Internet population especially in China, India and South America.

1. North America: Both US and Canada have significant telecommunications related venture capital firms, some of them are related to telecommunications companies (such as Motorola, Qualcomm, Telus or Rogers). There are also Government (Federal, State and City) investment funds that are supportive to the telecommunications projects. Infrastructure financing is another area available from American investors which are have participated in mid-large telecommunications infrastructure projects both in North America and outside North America.

2. Europe: Europe has very sophisticated and advanced telecommunications investment capability. Again, there are Telecom company affiliated VCs such as Ericsson, T-Mobile, Orange, Vodafone, Nokia related entities which invest in hardware, software and telco services. There are also technology affiliated companies which invest in applications and technologies such as Siemens, Alcatel and Virgin Group’s related investment funds. Countries with active telecommunications investors include UK, Germany, France, Spain, The Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Russia is also emerging as an investment source for some infrastructure projects.

3. Asia-Pacific: The region boasts some of the fastest growing telecommunications companies. Japan has the world’s most advanced telecommunications industry, and has many leading investors such as NTT related entity. Korea is also a leader in wireless communications, and both LG and Samsung have their own investment firms. China’s telecommunications industry is also booming as it has the world’s largest wireless and Internet populations, their venture capital funds have marked telecommunications as one of the top 3 sectors to invest in technology areas. Other leading investors can also be found in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. Some are backed by Government as semi-government investment company such as Temasek, while others are backed by local conglomerates including SingTel, Acer and HTC.

There are hundreds of different telecommunications capital providers around the world, ranging from seed capital investors to private equity firms that provide multi-billion dollar infrastructure financing.

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