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UK has one of the world’s most important financial markets, and this includes its venture capital and private equity industry. The UK venture capital industry is unique in many ways and is certainly a leader in many aspects, here are some key points:

1. The UK venture capital & private equity is one of the oldest venture capital industry, some of the firms are over 50 years old with very deep knowledge and resources in investments.

2. The UK investors are generally very active global investors, they do invest in global opportunities including most of the emerging markets

3. The UK venture capital & private equity funds generally have flexible mandate, they can invest in diversified assets, and this includes both traditional and new economies

4. UK’s investment firms are also active in real estate and natural resources (mining, oil & gas and agriculture) sectors, they should be considered if you are in these industries and looking for capital. For example, investors in UK have been very active in investing in Australian and Canadian resources sectors.

5. Advanced technology opportunities: In the past few years, the UK financial industry is also changing, and they have been increasing their investment activities in key new industries especially Cleantech, Medical Devices and Telecommunications sectors.

6. Links with Eastern Europe and Russian economies: UK is often considered as the capital market for Eastern Europe and Russia; there are a very large number of financial related companies that invest in these economies with dedicated research teams or fund managers that are active in these regions. LSE and AIM markets are both popular markets for Eastern Europe and Russian companies as well.

7. Close links with Middle Eastern investors: Most wealthy Middle Eastern investors have their international financial hub based in the UK, many UK based corporate advisory firms have access to the wealthy investors from these regions. These investors have been instrumental to investment opportunities particularly those relating to real estate, infrastructure or financial services sectors.

These 7 points provide a basic key differentiations between the UK VC & PE industry and others, it is a market that you should definitely not to miss if you are looking for capital.

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