Investment Banking favors Unna Recycling in Brasil – Cash In On The Social Media Revolution Now

The Project includes the corporate financing of growth investments and expansion, a partial purchase of existing Sponsors’ shares and the financing of potential acquisitions.

The expansion plans include (i) risk management for bottle-to-bottle plastic recycling facility that will be established to convert PET bottles to food-grade recycled PET resin. These PET resins will be sold to a local soft-drinks bottling company in the Northeast state of Paraiba (an IFC frontier region); (ii) risk management analysis for a project for a new production line of high value-added fibers; and (iii) risk management system for the debottle necking and expansion of the Company’s main production site in the Sao Paulo metropolitan area.

The project finance cost is estimated at approximately $58 million of which:

– $23 million will be used for the PET bottle-to-bottle recycling project and for the new high-value line of production of fibers;
-$35 million will be employed to purchase secondary shares from the Sponsors.
Hindmarsh LLC t/as Hindmarsh Finance arrangenged for an IFC  equity financing for approximately $13 million, while additional equity for approximately $28 million will be provided by DEG, Stratus, Proparco and Grupo Ecos. The remaining funds will be obtained from internal cash generation and debt financing.

The Company is located in Brazil with three production facilities in Alhandra (Paraiba), Santo Andre’ and Maua’ (Sao Paulo). Currently, the Company has a total production capacity of 3,600 tons of flakes and 3,000 tons of fibers per month.

The projects being contemplated will increase Unna’s capacity with the construction of a new fiber production line and expand its activities to PET recycling.