Unique Opportunity

This opportunity is available only for the next 2-3 weeks either for clients who have the possibility/capacity to deliver their own leased BGs or have the necessary to pay for a leased BG, which we will deliver.

Procedure, terms & conditions:

1) CIS, Passport copy, Board Resolution, Company Profile, draft of Lease BG or better RWA Letter from issuing Bank (usual international verbiage) and online/live account statement
2) Due-Diligence & Compliance. Should the verbiage require any changes, Client will receive the changes during the DD and Compliance process.
3) After positive passing of Due-Diligence and Compliance, Trader will open an account for your company at his trading Bank.
4) Client must submit additional compliance documents, which he receives from the Platform/Trader
5) Either conference call between Trader, Program Manager and Client or face to face meeting, where Client receives all details and can ask all questions.
6) Official invitation to hand sign all agreements

Technical procedure:

1) After signing all agreements, Client arranges to receive the Lease BG into his newly opened account at the Trading Bank.
2) Currently the Trader gives a LTV of up to 80% on a Leased BG from for example ING Brussels or Scotia Bank Toronto or other TOP rated Banks, but this may and most probably will change shortly.
3) Once the BG arrives with MT760 in Client’s account, it’s immediately monetized and the whole amount goes into trade. From the moment of hitting client’s account till the first payment, it takes around 10 Banking days.
4) Once the first trade profits hit Client’s account, your company can pay the balance of the leasing costs and receives their weekly payouts.
5) Basically a 100M BG from a TOP rated Bank achieves now at the moment a LTV of up to 80%, which will be repeated to achieve a minimum trade input of 100M (Either we do 2x100M or 1x200M or more).

The gross profits are 50% per week, from which the platform takes 20%, means your Client receives net 30% per week.

Should you have any questions, please send message to:

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