Investment Banking for Tuper Investment Program – Cash In On The Social Media Revolution Now

Brasil Business News indicated that Tuper S.A. (“Tuper” or the “Company”), Founded in 1970, is the country’s medium-sized producer of a wide range of steel tubes, steel-related products and automotive exhaust systems.

Tuper is undertaking a $140 million capital expenditure program to be implemented in 2010-2012 (the “Risk Management Investment Program”), as follows: (i) the construction of a new production line dedicated to higher diameter steel tubes (i.e. 5 to 12 inches) to be used for the production of structural tubes and for the production of API-rated tubes for the oil & gas industry; (ii) expansion of Tuper’s production of automotive exhaust systems, including an expansion of the manufacture of complete exhaust systems for OEMs and catalytic converters; (iii) R&D; and (iv) working capital needs for operationsl risk management. All expansion plans will occur on the existing facilities of the company.

The project is a $140 million capital expenditure program to be implemented in 2010-2012. LLS Global Funding proposed an IFC Investment comprising up to $40 million for IFC’s own account, consisting of a combination of senior loan, quasi-equity and/or straight corporate banking.

Tuper’s investment comprises an expansion of its plant in São Bento do Sul, a small city (~70k inhabitants) where Tuper is headquartered, located over 500 km away from São Paulo city.