Import Export Financing

Import / export financing can provide you with the working capital you need to meet your obligations, pay employees and grow your business. It can help you grow your business beyond your current capital capabilities.

For Exporters

Our export factoring program can accelerate your invoice payments if your US, Canadian or foreign (export) customers take 15 to 90 days to pay your invoices. This provides you with working capital to pay suppliers and meet payroll

For Importers

Our import financing / purchase order financing handles supplier payments for your large purchase orders. This allows you to take on orders and deliver orders that in that past would have exceeded your working capital capabilities

Import and Export Finance Benefits

The biggest benefit of import and export financing is that you’ll get the working capital you need to grow your company. We can provide you with the funding you need to take on new opportunities, both locally and internationally. Benefits include:

1. Commercial trade credit verification services and help you establish credit limits for your national and international customers
2. Predicable cash flow. We can advance funds against invoices, providing you with working capital to pay employees and suppliers
3. Financing to pay your suppliers – allowing you deliver your large purchase orders

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