Top Tier / Flexible PPP Trade Programs

This Top tier trade platform is offering flexible trade programs to meet the specific requirements of industry demands. The platform will only trade assets currently in the banking system.

The platform will trade 14 different assets and has 14 different trade programs. Programs are structured to accept assets blocked via administrative hold, SWIFT, KTT and inter-bank screens like the Chinese Grey screen. Please see the following assets along with the minimum amounts acceptable to trade (Note: assets not listed are not acceptable):

1. Cash- 1M

2. Certificate of Deposit (CD)-100M

3. Bank Guarantee (BG)-100M

4. Stand by Letter of Credit (SBLC)-100M

5. Medium Term Note (MTN)-100M

6. Bank Draft-100M

7. Treasuries-100M

8. Credit Line-100M

9. Gold Backed Certificate (GBC)-500M

10. Safe Keeping Receipt (SKR)-500M

11. Heritage Funds-500M

12. Leased Funds-500M (see program #9)

13. Leased Instruments-500M (see program #9)

14. Promissory Note (PN)-500M

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