New – Italian Bank MT760

The Italian Government and the Italian Banking System are not on the SWIFT System. If you have a client who has funds in an Italian registered bank and is looking for trade but cannot block via MT760, we have a solution. We have made arrangements with the president of Barclays Bank Milan to open and accept wire transfers from clients who have funds deposited in an Italian Bank who cannot Swift but want to go into trade but still want their funds to stay in Italy. Once the client opens the new account at Barclays Bank Milan (100M Minimum), the client can then issue a MT760 through Barclays Bank to block the account and enter into our 40 week trade (below)

Government Direct Chinese Heritage Cash Funds Release Program

We are offering a Proven Chinese Heritage Cash Funds Release Program. The Client will receive 30% in cash of the Chinese Heritage Funds Account within 10 days of submission. We will only offer this program to the actual owner of the funds/account (Elder) who is the master “A” signatory on the account. We work directly with a high ranking General in China who is the only person who can release the heritage funds to the account owner. Once the heritage funds are released to the account holder, the client can use some or all of the released funds to enter into our 40 week trade program (below) or just have the funds released.

MTN Managed Buy/Sell Trade Program: 500M CASH Euro per 50B MTN contract

Client will receive 10B every 6 weeks per 50B contract. Once the contract is sold (takes up to 6 weeks) the trader will acquire a new contract. Client will have a 13 month agreement with the trader and will complete a minimum of 8 contracts in the 13 month period. The MTN Buy/Sell program will be completed from Deutsche Bank Frankfurt (buy/sell program only, we are not offering paper for sale). This is a Buy/Sell Program which means the client funds will be used to Buy the MTN contract and will be paid profit from the Sale of the MTN’s. This is not an Admin Hold or Blocked Funds Program.

Cash Backed Bank Instrument Monetisation

100M Minimum USD/Euro required (MTN/BG/CD/SBLC) issued by a Western Top 50 Bank. The Bank Instrument must be owned and already acquired. We will only monetize via MT760. We are not offering to buy or sell bank instruments either for or from clients, nor do we have a resource to buy or sell bank instruments for or from clients; we are only offering to monetize currently owned cash backed bank instrument via MT760. No leased, POA or assigned instruments will be accepted. Client can use the monetized funds for the 40 week trade program (below) or just have the funds released.

40 Week Trade Program

100M Minimum USD/Euro CASH required. We will only offer this program to the Funds owner and the “A” signatory of the account. Funds MUST be owned; NO POA’s assignments, JV’s, leased accounts or the like will be accepted. Account signatory must be the titled owner of the funds. Administrative Holds for this 40 week program are only available for clients with funds deposited in the following Banks:
1. Deutsche Bank Frankfurt
2. HSBC London and Hong Kong
3. Barclays London
4. Credit Suisse London and Zurich
5. Standard Chartered London and Hong Kong
6. Royal Bank of Canada Toronto
If the client’s funds are not deposited in one of the listed banks above, the client will need to block the funds via MT760/MT532 or transfer their funds into one of these banks or into the traders holding account.

Please email me for submission requirements/documents