Telecommunications & Wireless Investors

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Here are information for those who are interested in finding investment capital relating to the telecommunications & wireless industries, below are the key countries where investors are participating in these sectors.

Americas: There are different telecommunications venture capital & private equity investors in Canada and United States. The telecommunications sector is a major sector in both markets, many venture capital firms in this region are those attached to technology groups or telecommunications companies, as well as universities and government related investment firms. Brazil is another emerging market for telecom investments as the country is experiencing rapid growth in its telecom sector, particularly the wireless sectors.

Europe: Europe is a major investment market to consider for telecommunications; it has long history as a leader in innovations. The key markets to consider will be United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, France, The Netherlands and Switzerland. Most of European telco investors are international investors, some are also attached to large technology groups such as Siemens, Ericsson, Nokia and Virgin Group.

Asia-Pacific Markets: The telecommunications sector started as hardware focused industry in Asia, this has changed over the past 20 years. Asian investors are now highly active both in hardware and software developments, especially in the wireless and mobile applications developments. Markets to consider include Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and Singapore. Japan is particularly active in investing in global opportunities followed by Taiwanese investors and Chinese investors. India is also rising as a emerging venture capital market for telecom opportunities.

Other markets: Israel is certainly a market to consider as its venture capital industry is highly supportive to telecom sectors. Australia is another interesting market especially in telecom billing, infrastructure and network management. Investors in Dubai have also backed some large telecommunications infrastructure projects lately, particularly those in Africa and Asia.

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