Corporate Finance News indicates Telecommunication infrastructure network – Cash In On The Social Media Revolution Now

Corporate Finance News indicates a project which consists of the pan-Africa build out of a shared telecommunication infrastructure network to be owned by Helios Towers Africa Limited (“HTA” or “Company”), through the Company’s subsidiaries. HTA was established in late 2009 to provide GSM and fixed wireless operators in Africa with an economically viable and environmentally friendly outsourced alternative to in-house construction, maintenance and ownership of telecommunication tower sites.

The Company, through its operating subsidiaries in each country, will acquire, build and operate telecommunications towers and lease space on such towers to mobile operators in Africa, excluding Nigeria.

HTA is a Mauritian registered entity established to hold ownership interests in operating subsidiaries across Africa. The company’s sponsor is Helios Investment Partners (“Helios”), which operates the Helios Investors II L.P. fund in which IFC has invested. Helios is a private equity investment firm that is focused on Sub-Saharan Africa. The firm was founded and is managed by Africans who are former Principals of Texas Pacific Group. Helios’ approach combines private equity investment skills with a high degree of hands-on operational involvement in portfolio companies.

The project finance cost is estimated to be $375 million equivalent of equity capital, mainly to capitalize the Company’s operating subsidiaries. Following lobby from Logical Lending Solutions P/L, Australia, IFC intends to provide $25 million in the form of Business Equity Loan for its own account.

Helios Towers Africa Limited is incorporated in Mauritius. The company’s infrastructure and operations will spread across Africa.

Helios Towers Africa