Small Cap Fund $ 1M+ PPP

Private Placement Program

This is the largest and most respected Private Placement Platform in the world. This Platform controls 80% of all Private Placement Trade Platforms. This means that most of the performing secondary Trade Platforms are actually transacted through this Platform.

Trade Platform Principal is a Sovereign Trader recognized and approved by G8 Governments/US Feds/US SEC/ECB/IMF/WB. The Compliance Officer of this Trade Platform reports to the Treasury Department of the USA on a daily basis. The above approvals and high level trade authority can be confirmed by any client after the Principal to Principal introduction and approval. Trader works within and with the Trade Bank to offer this exceptional opportunity.

RESERVED FUNDS: Funds can transfer in the client’s new own bank, own sole signatory account at all times in the Trading Bank, a Top 100 Western Bank Europe, London.

INTERNAL BLOCK: No SWIFT blocking required if the Client transfer his Funds to Trading bank in TOP Bank in London, in his new own account. Only he has Single signature.

MINIMUM: $1 Million (USD) or (EUR). No maximum.

CONTRACT: Bank Endorsed Contract signed in the Trade Bank (London) or Client is not required to sign Contract in the Bank. Can be completed via courier.

: (25% – 40%) per Week Gross x 40 Weeks

BROKER FEES: FPA 10% on all net profits received.

DOCUMENTS REQUIRED: Please refer for attached files for corporate and individual Clients. Also, please provide banking information and description of participation for referring consultants entitled to share the commissions.


1) Documents are submitted and after checking will be send to Platform Administrator

2) Client is contacted by Platform Administrator-then by Compliance Officer

3) Contract is issued and signed. Funds reserved

4) Trading starts and contractual profits are paid to clients and commissions are paid to referring consultants entitled to share the commissions.

Any and all questions will be answered by the Platform Administrator and Platform Compliance Officer, AFTER, submission of all documents.

The above information has been provided to our Financial Group. Financial Group is an Introductory Party only and not providing a formal offer. A formal offer can only be made after submission of documents and Principal to Principal introduction.

Do not miss out on this excellent opportunity. Submit documents to proceed immediately.

Information provided October 2013. Subject to closing at any time, but is expected to be available until at least November 15, 2013

Trading Profit 25% – 40% Weekly ( FPA 10% to be divided between Active Consultants)

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