RMB and Heritage Funds Trade Programs

Trade Program for large RMB and Chinese Heritage Funds in Mainland China including Cash Funds, Heritage Interest Funds and Instruments. The Platform is performing and blocking could be per daily tear sheet, Screen 800 or MT 799 block of funds, sent not per swift but secured bank to bank email or fax.The estimated historical returns is 100% per week x 40 Weeks Trade Program including the possibility of a Bullet trade offering 200% over 10 days Bullet trade (subject to availability)

To proceed we require the following compliance documents:

– KYC Package
– POF ( recent tearsheet/ BCL signed by two bank officers)
– BANKER RWA LETTER (See attached Banker RWA Letter confirming the Internal Block Procedures of the trader) Bank to sign the attached RWA Letter agreeing to follow the trader’s internal block procedures.

Please note the POF and Banker RWA Letter must be sent to the client by Bank Corporate email, and client to forward the email with the POF and Banker RWA in the attachment. Trader wants to see the Email audit from Bank to client
to accept the POF docs.


50% to 100% per week x 40 weeks Trade Program


5% cash advancement to investor within 48hrs of successful block of funds


10% intermediary fees split 50:50 between Client Group and Trade Group

The process is as follows:

1. Client sends KYC, POF and Banker RWA confirming block

2. 10% MFPA signed and returned

3. Compliance takes 24-48hrs

4. CC with Trade Director and Investor to move forward

5. Trade Agreement issued, signed and returned

6. Blocking takes place

7. Trade starts

Look forward to receiving your Compliance Documents:

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