10% Loan-To-Value – Private Investors:

This is a funding system setup by our Private Investors. The 10% of LTV must be placed into an escrow account or Block Fund mutually agreed upon. Minimum funding amount is $10 Million US Dollars. There is NO MAXIMUM LIMIT. The competitive financing products from institutional lenders for commercial properties, green & humanitarian projects, our private investors will provide funding and hard money: 100%

Funding Offering @ 3% Interest + LIBOR (2%) per/year.

Once our private investors have an interest in the project, a term sheet will be sent to the client and afterwards
a conference call will be setup with you / client to discuss the loan terms. After both parties agree on the terms
a meeting arrangement will begin between investor and client.

An underwriter will also review the project and determine whether it is ready to be underwritten. At that point
a conditional commitment to fund will be issued. There will be a table top closing in London.

- The minimum amount is $50M and No maximum Limit
- The currency choice is Euro or United States Dollars.
- The Interest Rate will be One Year LIBOR (2%) plus 3% =5% per year
- The Loan Term will not exceed 10 years
- A grace period of up to 24 months can be included in the loan term
- Equity is negotiated and assigned to the lender (MIN 29%-MAX 49% option to buy back after full loan recovered)
- POF 10% OF LTV
- COST= 10% LTV escrowed after insurance guarantee issued by lender (Performance Bond)
 + 2% FPA + 0.5% Lawyer Fees + 2% LIBOR + 3% interest per year at closing
- Typical draw-downs are 12 – 16 or 24 months
- Process 60 – 90 Days upon signing agreement

If you have any interest, please let us know. We will only response to genuine, real and serious applicants.