No Upfront

Trust Funds:

Our Private lender has direct communication with the Higher Level Authority and Executive Trustee of a trust
based in America and Europe that has been established for many years.


- They prefer commercial construction projects or PFI (Private Funding Initiatives). Min loan of $50M First charge over the Project plus an equity share
-10% of the loan sum must be deposited with the Trust Fund for the term of the loan, repayable upon repayment of the loan.
- We can assist Borrower to obtain the major portion of the applicable Cash Deposit through PPP
- Generally US or Euro Dollars is the preferred currency
- The Loan can be up to 12 years.
- Zero interest for this loan.
- Loan-to-Value Ratio of up to 100% of cost
- Equity Requirements of between min 29% to max 49% – lower in the event the Applicant has existing equity in their Project.
- 10% POF of LTV
- COST= 10% trust fund Manager + 2% FPA + 2% Lawyers & Admin Fee + JV Equity 49% at closing
- Process 45 – 60 Banking Days after Signing Contract Agreement