(20% Loan-To-Value)

We receive many inquiries to fund projects. We will try to help but it all depends of the client’s cooperation and seriousness. Asking us for help but only to find out it is for your own-selfishness & sourcing for information etc, will only waste our time. Time is money and all of us; everyone ~ is in the business of making money. We will not waste time if you are only for fun & games, sourcing, shopping & ‘flipping’ etc. We only deal with genuine, real & serious clients.


If 100% Project financing is required then this option is ideal to raise the project funding. The point on this
program is that the lender requires a cash surety for a period of 2 years equals to 20% of the requested LTV
(Loan-To-Value) amount. The Surety is returned to the borrower at the end of two years.


- The minimum amount LTV = USD 50M and a maximum of USD 1B
- The currency choice is Euro or United States Dollars.
- The Interest Rate will be One Year LIBOR (2%) plus 3% = 5% per year
- The Loan Term will not exceed 10 years
- A grace period of up to 24 months can be included in the loan term
- Equity is negotiated and assigned to the lender (min 29%-max 49% option to buy back after 2 years)
- POF = 20% OF LTV
- COST = 20% LTV deposited for 2 years in a joint account after Compliance Approval
- 2% Lawyer & Admin fees+ 20% LTV = Surety (PAPER) + FPA ˇ% + 5% interest per year at closing
- Process min 45 – max 60 Banking Days after Signing Contract Agreement

*LIBOR is the average interbank interest rate at which a selection of banks on the London money market are
prepared to lend to one another.