Project Finance for Brazilian Timber Company – Cash In On The Social Media Revolution Now

Finance News shows that Biotimber Ltda (“Biotimber”, the “Company”) is a greenfield Brazilian forest company being established to invest in eucalyptus plantations and wood-chip manufacturing facilities.

The Company is seeking to raise a total of USD150 million in debt and equity financing to
(a) acquire 60,000 ha of land for eucalyptus plantation and
(b) develop 1-2 woodchip plants.

The Project has been analysed by a Risk Management Company which resulted  in (i) large scale reforestation, (ii) provide about 500 direct jobs, and (iii) help development of logistics infrastructure in the region which is likely to spur further private investment.

The Project has been developed by RGR Empreedimentos e Incorporação Ltda Group (the “Sponsor”), a company controlled and owned by Mr. Ronaldo Milan. Risk Management Company shows investment portfolio includes an auction house, shopping centers, real estate development, and planted forests. The Sponsors have over thirty years experience in managing approximately 4,000 ha plantations in the state of Sao Paulo.

The total project finance cost is estimated to be approximately US$150 million. The proposed IFC investment is an equity investment of up to USD20 million in Biotimber.

The Project site is expected to be in the north-east Brazil .