1. Investor submits full Compliance Intake Form/CIS, Passport, POF (not older than 3 days old), Bank Ready, Willing and Able (RWA) Letter stating that Bank is Ready, Willing and Able to issue Blocked Funds Letter via Swift MT-799 and Irrevocable Fee Protection Instruction (IFPI) and All intermediaries to submit their CIS, Copy of Passport, IC and
Proof of Residence.

2. The trading platform will conduct full compliance and security checks on the Investor which may take up to 7 banking days.

3. If the Investor passes the compliance of the Trading Platform, then an Investment Trading Contract will be provided to the Investor for his study, evaluation, and concurrence.

4. After both Investor and Trading Platform had signed the Investment Agreement and at the agreed window time, the Investor will block his/her funds in favour of the trading platform either by internal block or by sending Swift MT-799 (min 100M) or Swift MT-760 (25m to 75m).

5. Within 5 banking days upon receipt and authentication of the blocked funds, the Trading Platform will pay the advance fees to the Investor (including all facilitators and intermediaries share of 10%).

6. Trading commences within reasonable lead-times after the receipt of loan funds using the Investor’s Blocked Funds as collaterals.

7. Trading Platforms will make weekly payment of program yields to Investors and all facilitators and all intermediaries for 40 consecutive