Type of Funds: All kinds of good, clean, clear funds of noncriminal origin and all kinds of verifiable Top 4 USA Banks &/or Top 25 Western European Banks Debentures in Euro or USD.

Minimum Amount: At least 25 Million Euro (CASH FUNDS ONLY)

Maximum Amount: 600 Millions Euro/USD (Cash &/or Bank Debentures)

Investors Banks: Top 4 USA Banks &/or Top 25 Western European Banks

Nationality of Investors: All citizens of the world.

Historical Program Yield About 35% to 50% per week for 40 weeks for investment between 25 Million Euro to 75
Million Euro cash funds only.

About 50% to 80% per week for 40 weeks for investment between 100 Million to 600 Million cash funds &/or bank debentures.

Internal Blocking: Only available for funds inside the Trading Banks.

Swifts: MT-799 for most countries and MT-760 for some third world countries.

For Investment between 25 to 75 M Euro, need MT-760. For investment between 100M to 600M, MT-799 will suffice. For Bank Debentures, Swift MT-760 is mandatory.

Advance Payment: Within 5 banking days after receipt and authentication of Swifts, the Trading Platform will pay 1% to 3% of face value (including Facilitators and intermediaries share) to the Investor as an advance payment prior to commencement of trading.

Intermediary Fees: A total of 10% of program yield will be deducted from the Investor’s program yield and payable by trade platform to all Facilitators and intermediaries.

New Accounts: The Chief Facilitator will assist Investors, Facilitators and All Intermediaries to open new accounts in Top 4 USA Banks &/or Top 25 Western European Banks (WEB) in Western Europe to receive their respective program yield on requests basis.

Attitude of Investor Investors must be Ready, Willing and Able to observe 100% the PPP Rules Of The Road to be invited as Investors to this VERY STRICT and HIGHLY REGULATED Tier 1 Trading Platform.