No more Funds moving, encumbering Funds with Admin Hold or long term commitments.
Funds must be Cash deposited in Top 50 Bank from accepted Countries for Trade. No Bank Instruments.

Trade Program is private, confidential and by invitation only.

• No transfers – Funds remain in your Bank
• No Admin Hold or Block of Funds
• USD 100M is minimum Amount acceptable
• Account is Pinged every Week to verify Funds
• If Funds leave the Account, Trade stops. No penalties
• Historic Returns are 30% per Week


• Inexpensive – no up front fees for Compliance
• Fast – no waiting for Funds transfers, cleaning Funds or Bank delays with Admin Hold procedures
• Simple – with Bank to Bank communication with simple Ping procedures set up. Upon receipt of fully completed KYC package we must ensure that Investor is not on any watch list


• Submit full CIS dully executed with color copy Passport and POF.
• Execute Genealogy Report and PPA
• Upon acceptance of CIS and verification of POF Investor will be invited by Facilitator or Trade Desk
• Agreements will be made with Investor, Investor’s Bank, Trade Bank and Facilitator.
• Investor signs Trade Agreement and goes to Trade
• Weekly Trade Profits are paid into Investor’s nominated Bank Account
• Trade continues for as longs as Funds stay in the Bank Account and meets the terms of the Agreement.
• No Block of Funds. No Transfer of Funds required.

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