Paymaster Services in Hong Kong

When dealing with very large Commission Payments, you need to have confidence in your Paymaster.

This is why it is important to use a Hong Kong Paymaster who complies with all legal terms to ensure the security of your Funds. Your Paymaster is totally focused on providing efficient, cost effective and secure Paymaster Services and Secure Holding Services in Multi Currencies in HSBC Hong Kong.

Your Paymaster will serve as an independent third party to receive your incoming Commissions into any of their Multi Currency Accounts of your choise. So, you do not lose money on Currency Exchange. In addition to that, their total focus is on their Paymaster duties to ensure your Funds are kept safe. Then, quickly disburse your Funds into your nominated Account quickly and efficiently according to the Terms and Conditions of your Fee Agreement and your personal instructions.

By using the services of this Hong Kong Paymaster, you’ll never need to worry about the security of your Funds as our services are directly in line with the Hong Kong Monetary Authority guidelines, regardless of whether you are a Private Individual or a Corporate Entity.

It can provide Commission Disbursements for Private Placement Programs (PPP), Commodities, Gold, Platinum, Oil & Gas, Diamonds, Sugar, Currencies and other transactions.

The Paymaster can hold your funds for as long as you require upon receipt of your instructions as we also provide our clients a Multi Currency Holding Service, as it quite often happens that clients finalize a transaction and are not sure where they want their funds transferred to. In some circumstances, clients wish to open their own company in Hong Kong for continued business activities, but haven’t had the time to set it up.

It can hold your funds in any of its Multi Currency Accounts until we receive instructions from you that you wish to transfer your funds. This saves our Clients large sums of money otherwise payable in taxes in other countries.

Also, the Paymaster in Hong Kong can receive large Amounts of Cash in one Currency and convert it into another Currency before sending it out to its intended destination. All these are covered under a Private Cash Conversion Transaction done in house. Multi Currency Account covers 19 main Currencies (including RMB).

Contact today and we’ll send you everything you need to set up your in Hong Kong.

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