One Stop Solution…

You have a One Stop Solution for your Sovereign Guarantee Program, Private Placement Program and Structured Project Funding. We understand their concern & quest, therefore we would like to provide a brief synopsis & pointers for your reference, perusal and understanding.

Sovereign Guarantee Program: We are interested in providing project funding to Governments against Sovereign Guarantees to help improve the quality life for people around the world. We offer an outstanding proposition for any Government that are prepared to issue a Sovereign Guarantee (SG) to support their PFI and humanitarian projects. The process is not easy and requires meticulous planning. For example, if the Government required $100 billion for a large scale infrastructure project, our Funders will provide the $100 billion funding as cash grant through our unique trade program.

Private Placement Program: For the past several weeks/months, I wrote about the value & benefits of participating in Private Placement Program (PPP) and ways to join. Those who have been with us for many years knew that we are real & genuine. And yes, investing in PPP does exist and the profits or Return of Investments (ROI) is a realistic figure or amount. But on the flipside, there are many who are still struggling to participate, being cheated/tricked and even duped and also there are those who has been searching & sourcing in the cyber world / internet to no avail! While others submitted full documents & were subsequently successful in their application for PPP trading, there are many who keep sending fake documents on purpose or intentionally or without knowing. It is easy for us to identify fake documents in whatever forms, because we have been around for many years. We treasured valuable clients and we will protect them because these individuals are high net-worth confidential businessmen / investors.

To create something that is genuinely new to you, you have to start afresh. Whether you have been cheated or scammed before, it’s all now a “bridge under water”. It’s no point for you to live in the past. It’s history. It’s best you look yourself into the future, start again.

If you are new in our Private Placement Program (PPP) or you are sceptical about it etc, then we suggest you can start with small amount for trial. From there, you grow. Just like building a house or blocks of high rise apartment etc, you need to construct strong foundation because without it ~ the house or blocks of high rise apartment cannot be built at all! Honestly, you don’t need to be an Architect to know this. So, what it means is that the foundation for the house or high rise apartment ~ is basically the “trust” that you invest to ensure that your money grow in a safe & secured manner! That’s the truth. Our group don’t just want to grow your money and make profits. That is easy but to establish a relationship ~ especially with a new person, it is harder. That is why before you invest ~ you need to build trust. We don’t just produce profit for existing clients; we have to start a revolution. So, the question is: Are you ready and willing to establish a small trust with us OR will you still keep searching..?

We hereby present to you our Private Placement Program (PPP):

(1) Small program ~ the minimum is EUR/USD 1.5Million and the maximum is EUR/USD 20Million
The Small program duration is 3 months for each session (session can be repeated)
Historical returns of minimum 50% – 100% per month of the Net Proceeds
(2) Big program ~ the minimum is EUR/USD 50Million and the maximum is EUR/USD 500Million
The Big program duration is 40 weeks, 12 months and on a 2 to 5 years contract
Historical returns of minimum 50% – 100% per month of the Net Proceeds
(3) Jumbo program ~ the minimum is EUR/USD 1Billion and above
The Jumbo program duration is 40 weeks, 12 months and on a 2 to 5 years contract
Historical returns of minimum 50% per week of the Net Proceeds

Structured Project Funding: We are pleased to inform you that we will be accepting eligible projects with hard assets such as Land, Properties, Bank Instruments, etc. Our aim is to offer you competitive products and a highly dedicated level of support to help provide a cutting edge finance solutions to your projects developments.

Property developer or Project owner needs to contribute a cash or asset to the project; we do not accept projects that are without any form of collateral(s) or hard assets.

Our funders are seasoned professionals. Our depth of experience gives you the edge. All Assets must be appraised by a top appraisal agency in the country where the project is located. We understand that some project owners are “asset rich, but cash poor”. Though they may have millions in hard assets, they may have little to no liquidity to engage in various transactions, it is for this reason that we are introducing this strategy for professional and eligible clients.

Project Funding Focus:
• Energy
• Water
• Solid, urban and industrial waste treatment plants
• Cryogenic plants
• Motorways, Roads And Bridges
• Airports
• Seaports
• Infrastructural & Housing projects,
• Telecommunications
• Transportation
• Food and Agriculture
• Industrial equipment and machinery
• Hospitals, clinics, private and governmental health projects on a turn-key basis
• University and school projects
• Science and technology research in ‘breakthrough’ technologies
Project financing and funding enhancement and development
• Special funding and grant systems
• Primary and secondary market investment
• Humanitarian Projects

We are here to offer our assistance to you, and hopefully you will be able to find value in our truly sincere concern to help you. We are here to assist you to be successful as we only deal with genuine and serious investor.

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