Minimum of $5M USD. No Maximum Amount.

Program pays 5Xs the Investment amount in ONE DAY (500%) and Funds do NOT move from the Client’s Bank. Must be in a good Bank.(see Top 50 Bank List on Google)

Re-Entry is allowed as long as the program is open.


Trader presents the Client’s POF (Proof of Funds) to his Bank to secure a Leveraged Line of Credit that he uses to construct a Mini Buy/Sell Program of Bank Instruments, or various Commodities.

The CIS (Client Information Sheet) must be fully completed with no item left open. If the item does not apply, simply enter N/A on that line. All the documents must be signed in Blue Ink.

Client must complete and submit the attached Compliance Package along with a POF and an enlarged copy of the Passport. Clients who submit a complete and clear, clean package will get preference over those who submit uncompleted documents.

Client will be requested to sign a Profit Sharing Agreement with the Intermediaries for their fees, estimated at 10% of the Client’s proceeds from the trading program. A PPA (Profit Participation Agreement) will be forwarded to the Client at the appropriate time.

This program subject to change or close without further notice and it is sent to you for your personal information
and evaluation. It is NOT an attempt to sell Securities as we are NOT Licensed Securities Agents.

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