New Program for HERITAGE FUNDS

Ref : 18.1060@HERITAGE FUNDS SECH.2702.1946]

The Chinese Government has announced a time limited possibility to change unusable Heritage Funds in China or Hong Kong (including interest accounts) into real Cash.

This procedure has been simplified TODAY:

Just fill in an Application to unblock your Accounts in WORD (*.doc) FORMAT ONLY without signing it. The ONLY document to be signed is the 1% FEE AGREEMENT in favor of all brokers paymaster. (Higher Fees are not allowed, all brokers will receive a corresponding sub-fee agreement).

Please then return both the SIGNED FEE AGREEMENT plus the UNSIGNED APPLICATION to your consultant plus clients passport copy and a POF (can be an old one). Your client will then be invited to come to Hong Kong or Shenzen and sign the ORIGINALS and put his fingerprint on these documents. After verification of the ORIGINALS the Chinese Government will send REAL CASH FUNDS which are FREELY USABLE of 35% of the face value of the account into a new current account of the client within the same bank. The client’s personal banker will then notify the client, that a NEW CURRENT ACCOUNT has been opened for him and he is invited to come into his bank to sign for this new account.

The funds in this new account are REAL CASH FREELY USABLE by the client, with the option to use part of it into a private placement generating 100% or more per months.

As this offer is time-limited until the budget of the Government for this purpose is fully used, please let us know your interest at your earliest convenience. We do NOT need new account statements, the old ones can be used.

For Details and Documents apply to: