New Micro Trade Program

Type of Program:

Micro Trade Program with minimum of $200K with NO maximum. Funds will need to be transferred into a trading account.


The program duration is 40 weeks, 12 months and on a 2 to 5 years contract. Minimum duration is One year. Contract can not be cancelled in the middle of the term.

Profit Taking & Sharing:

Investor or client is entitled to a Historical returns of minimum 50% per month of the Net Proceeds. The Net Profits will be deposited on the profit-account of client and paid on weekly Basis, each Friday, as per standard procedures & practice, as long as this is a day open for Business, if not ~ it will be on the next business day in Switzerland or London. It will approximately be 10% of the invested amount plus 2.5% our commission every week. The client may choose to compound their money if they want to do so. It is allowed.

Requirement to enter trade:

Program is exclusively provided for Investor with CASH (Offer is subject to availability). Documents that are required to be presented by the Investor for compliance due diligence are as follows:

◾CLIENT INFORMATION SHEET (CIS) including scan color copy of passport
◾FOR CASH: Proof of Funds via Bank Statement, Screenshot or Tear Sheet
◾PROOF OF ADDRESS (POA) – Recent Utility Bill (Notarized)

To enter the program send message to:

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