Multiple Platform Structured Private Financial Opportunity


The World Capital Program is not a “trade program” in the traditional sense. There is no trade group linked with the Program, for example. Rather, the Program maintains a close association with a prominent financial services provider, and enjoys privileged access to the trading desks that direct the trading activities of a number of major, established trade platforms. These are the FOREMOST TRADE PLATFORMS in the world. The “best of the best”, operating at the very apex ofthe business. What distinguishes the World Capital Program from all others is this: Clients are paired, straight away, with a “world-class” trade platform.

NO DETOURS. NO DELAYS. NO MIDDLEMEN. NO OUTSIDE INTERFERENCE. There is no “trade group” interposed between the parties, shuffling papers and siphoning off 50% of the client’s earned proceeds:



The minimum participation amount is $ 100 Million USD (or Euro equivalent). The preferred minimum is $ 500 Million USD (or Euro equivalent). The Program is restricted to Cash Funds and Bank Instrument; assets which have been acquired by the Client through normal business activities or legal inheritance.


Multiple Trade Platforms. Client enjoys privileged access to seven (7) of the largest Trade Platforms in the World. These are the preeminent Trade Platforms in the business, highly skilled and supremely qualified, with all the necessary approvals and registrations – and the muscle and firepower – to get the job done.

“One-To-One” Platform Trading. Clients are offered an unparalleled opportunity to work directly with a major Trade Platform without the meddlesome “trade group” interposed between the Parties, blocking access.

A Wide Range Of Program Opportunities. Multiple Trade Platforms means multiple Program opportunities – but also tailor made offerings, custom designed by the Platform Traders to satisfy the Client’s specific requirements.

High Yield Program Earnings. The Program offers Clients attractive, high yield returns; these are earnings realized by the Platform Trading of Investment Grade Bank Debenture Instruments. Discussions regarding yield amounts are best left to direct talks between the Client and the Trade Platform that accepts the transaction.

Client Needn’t Transfer Their Assets. The Trade Platforms utilize a variety of procedural means at their disposal to “block/reserve” the Client’s Principal for Trading purposes. From use of a Swift/Guarantee, to “internal blocking” of the Client’s Assets without Swifts.

“Buy-Sell” Trading Out Of Client’s Account. We can also, in certain instances, arrange for the Trader to engage in “Buy-Sell” Bank Debentures Trading, together with the Client, directly out of the Client’s Account, with the Client able to monitor the Trading activity on his Account at all times.

Program Term. Principally one year (“forty trading weeks”) Programs with extensions; but we also offer, subject to availability, “short term” or bullet programs, alone or in a combination of long term program opportunities to maximize their returns. No restrictions on re-entry.

Advance Cash Payments. We can, in certain instances, reimburse the Client out of the Credit Line for the costs of the Swift and/or permit limited draw downs against the Line of Credit should the Client require an immediate Cash Payment.

Distribution Of Program Earnings. Trading typically takes place five (5( days a week, Monday thru Friday. Payouts are normally made bi-weekly via Swifts. All transfers will be made with full clearances and approvals.

Profit Receiving Accounts. We can assist Clients with banking to receive payments of their Program proceeds. Keep in mind that most Banks will not receive large Cash Deposits due to strict Bank Capitalization Requirements.

Protected Commission Structure. The Program will arrange and protect, as Fees for Consultants, two percent (2%) of the Client’s Earnings, payable to Consultants via Swifts. We can also assist Consultants with their banking, or provide Consultants with access to an Independent Lawyer.Paymaster Service.

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