MT199 to Trade

Your client now has the opportunity to earn money in a very non threatening way. They no longer have to send POF (Proof of Funds) through broker chain. They have the opportunity to JV with a group that has contracts with multiple banks and traders to purchase MTN’s and sells them to the trust that we have a very good relationship with. MT199 is the ONLY thing that will be used.

Top banks that will send standard MT199 verbiage can be used. Money is never put on hold, never pinged, never called on daily. Clients bank sends an MT199 showing that the bank acknowledges that the client has the capability of 500M or more. MT199 stays on file during the agreement, does not have to be updated or checked daily. Cash, SBLC, Bonds, anything that the bank is HOLDING for the client that has a VALUE of at least 500M can be used as long as their bank will send the MT199 stating that the client has the capability of at least 500M.

Below is the process (IT MAY NOT BE CHANGED IN ANY WAY)

Client submits simple CIS and Color Copy Passport.

I then send an email directly to client acknowledging that I have the CIS and Passport and they will have 24 hours to respond directly to me that they know that it was sent to me. I must have confirmation that they know that their paperwork is with me to move forward.

Rep for clients sends me a list of all brokers involved in the transaction and who the paymaster for the other brokers will be. I will then fill in the fee agreement and will send to the client. The client pays all fees out of their proceeds. The client will be introduced to our Switzerland Trust Attorney where all fees will go directly too and will then be disbursed from. (We will know daily how much was paid out due to our connection with the trust and what they buy. Also, if client does not pay the intermediary fees, then trading will be immediately stopped due to our relationship with the trust.)

Client signs agreement and sends back to me.

I will submit full package for compliance

Once compliance is completed, a copy of the JV agreement and he MT199 verbiage will be sent to the client. Client can review the JV agreement and they can discuss any changes on the agreement. The MT199 verbiage can not be changed. Client needs to show to banker and know that the banker can send it as is.

Final contract goes to client.

PLEASE NOTE split will only be discussed between your Client and the JV partner. That is ONLY discussed and agreed upon between the two Principals.

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