Investment Program for Small Investors (SCP77)

This Trade Investment Program (SCP77) invites Clients to participate with a minimum investment of USD 155,000 Cash Fund only. No upper limit. Funds NEVER leave Client’s Account.

Returns depend on which Programs are available. Payouts occur every Friday.

The Client’s Funds are grouped with other Clients/mirrored so returns are based on active Buy/Sell Programs of either $100 million or $500 million.

This Program is available to Clients worldwide as long as their background is clean.

Client’s Funds in all major Banks are accepted. Clients will be asked to make arrangements with their bank to block their Cash Funds or Bank Instruments in Client’s Account for the duration of 40 weeks Trade. In cases in which MT760 is not possible, the Trader will assist the Client to block his funds through some other method.

Entrance Requirements

To enter, a client needs to send a Letter of Request, a normal KYC package and current Proof of Funds in the form of a currently dated Tear Sheet or Bank Letter, Color Copy Passport and a Fee Agreement for 10% to pay the Commissions based on a Genealogy Report.

Due Diligence and Fed Clearance will ensure that Client is clean with no terrorist or criminal background. This will take one week to ten days.

Cash Funds Only.

After successfully passing due diligence and compliance, a contract is issued for client’s acceptance and notarized signature. After the signed contract is returned to the trader, the program starts the following Monday.

Disbursements are made each Friday through a Trust Attorney according to Client’s written instructions. Finder Fee Commissions are paid to Intermediaries at the same time.

Send email to for more details and documents

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