International Finance Fruits & Vegies Project in Ghana – Cash In On The Social Media Revolution Now


The IFC investment will support Blue Skies’ Corporate Investment Program to be implemented over the next few years (the “Project”). The Project consists of: (i) investing in equipments to expand the production of freshly squeezed juice in Ghana; (ii) creating a new freshly squeezed juice and prepared fruits factory in West Africa; and (iii) setting up a pack house in West Africa for seasonal sourcing of mangoes to feed the processing plant in Ghana.

Sir Pile, the majority shareholder who in the past held several senior executive positions in the food industry, created Blue Skies in 1998.

Hindmarsh LLC t/as Hindmarsh Finance proposed an IFC investment of up to £4 million secured loan package (consisting of up to £3 million A loan and up to £1 million C loan) to Blue Skies to support Blue Skies’ Corporate Investment Program.

Blue Skies Ghana Limited is located at Nsawam in the Eastern Region of Ghana, in the suburbs of Accra.