In-Ground & SKR Asset Program

Program 5520

Program Features:

 The program is operated in Europe through a private Swiss trust and Top Tier traders.
 The program accepts some in-ground assets (primarily precious metals) and above-ground assets such as cut or uncut gemstones, historical bonds and notes, precious metal concentrates or bullion, and some other assets. The minimum value on the asset will vary, but must be at least $50M.
 There is a requirement to fund humanitarian projects to be accepted into the program. Economic projects can also be funded. An overview of the projects to be funded must be submitted with the compliance package.
 The percentage of asset value that will be allowed for the trade will vary based on the asset, but will generally be in the range of 25% to 35%.
 Clients are required to open a sole signatory account in their name with the Trust. The account fulfills a requirement in Swiss law that stipulates that a “depository relationship” must exist before a private financial institution can act on behalf of a Client. The Trust account is a regular checking account that can be used by the Client for any purpose as long as a specified minimum is maintained and makes the client eligible for all the services a private trust can offer.
 The Trust will obtain a bank instrument in an amount equal to the allowed value of the asset and that instrument is used as the basis for the trade. There is no cost to the Client for providing the instrument.
 The asset will be secured in a manner consistent with the type of asset. That security could be obtained through lodging the asset itself, the title to the asset, an SKR, a Commitment Deed, or other document in an escrow account with the securities house supplying the instrument.
 This program can be extended beyond the original contract period.

Examples of Assets that may be currently acceptable include:

 Mining properties (idle or operating) – primarily precious metals: gold, silver, platinum, . . .
 Precious stones: diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds . . .
 Precious metals concentrates: gold, silver . . .
 Natural resources: oil & gas, coal, timber, water & mineral/drilling rights . . .
 Historical assets: bonds, notes, boxes . . .
 Bullion: gold, platinum, silver


 Client submits general asset information to determine trade acceptability.
 Client submits a compliance package.
 Initial compliance review is performed on Client and asset.
 An initial conference call will be held between the Client and the Trust representative or lead intermediary to ensure that the Client understands the process and the time frames involved with each step in the process.
 If Client wishes to proceed, Client completes an online application to open an account with the Trust.
 Upon receipt of account approval, a second conference call will take place between the Client and Trust principals to explain the process once again and answer Client questions.
 Trust emails an Acceptance Letter to the Client that includes wire transfer instructions for the transfer of funds into the Client’s new Trust account and the time allowed for the transfer to occur.
 Client wires a minimum of $75,000.00 to a US Chase Bank clearinghouse account for immediate transfer and credit to the Client’s sole signatory Trust account.
 Upon receipt of the funds by Chase Bank and the immediate transfer to the Client’s account, the Client will receive an emailed deposit receipt that he must forward to the Trust to confirm account funding. The client will also receive an automatically generated email containing his Trust account number and password for online access. No one else has access to that password.
 A Memorandum of Understanding will be prepared and sent to the Client, usually within three to five business days.
 An Irrevocable Master Fee Payment Agreement is prepared and forwarded to Client for signature. The IMFPA can be issued with the MOU or at any time prior to contract signing.
 The MOU will specify the method by which the asset will be secured and will provide an expected return and distribution schedule, to include any advance to the Client.
 Client signs and returns the MOU.
 If required, deep due diligence is performed on the asset. This process can take up to four weeks for some above–ground assets and longer for in-ground assets.
 Client receives delivery instructions for the asset or securing document.
 The asset or document is delivered via bonded courier to the securities house.
 A copy of the receipt issued by the securities house is provided to Client, who forwards a copy to the Trust.
 If applicable, the physical asset is compared to the description developed during the deep due diligence.
 A contract is prepared and sent to the Client for signature and return. The contract will specify the return to the Client and the distribution schedule.
 If not signed and returned previously, the IMFPA is signed and returned with the contract.
 The asset or document is placed into an escrow account at the securities house for the duration of the trade. Ownership remains 100% in the Client’s name.
 Trading starts in one to two weeks after contract signing with payments going to an account designated by the Client.
 If included as a feature of the trade, an advance will be paid to the Client when trading starts.
 A profit participation equal to 10% of the yield to the Client will be deducted from the Trust’s distribution to the Client for payment to the intermediaries who contributed to the successful arrangement and execution of the transaction on the Client’s behalf.

Documentation Required:

 Client Information Sheet
 Letter of Intent
 Letter of Exclusivity
 Color copy of passport
 Corporate Resolution (if required)
 Executive Summary of project(s) to be supported (at least one humanitarian project must be supported
 Asset documentation (varies based on the asset)
 An Authorization to Verify Letter for above-ground assets that will housed in a facility that issues an SKR

Note: This program may be changed or become filled at any time and withdrawn from availability without notice.


It is against all Private Placement Regulations for any intermediary, broker or introducer to stipulate rates of return. Also, it must be clearly understood that all performance is on a “best efforts basis” only. Thus, historical performance does not equate to present or future performance.
Also please be aware that this Program Outline, while deemed to be reliable as accurate information, is subject to change at any time and without any notice. Only the Program Asset Manager can be deemed as the final word in terms of accuracy of information relative to the program, yields and terms.