How To Correctly Approach A Tier 1 Trade Platform

Being on the receiving end of dozens of submissions that come in on a daily base, of which most come from people who do not understand the proper etiquette to successfully be invited into a trade program, as many times a capital provider / potential client, has a pre-conceived notion about how to approach a platform and sees trading as a ‘right’. They want to do things their way.

However, those pre-conceived procedures they would like to follow do not fit with the actual way a Tier 1 platform must operate, by banking rules, federal, as well as financial legislation, financial regulatory, Tier 1 bound regulations to begin the process, not being aware that banks themselves can NOT trade on this level by law! The client/capital provider who insists on this ‘tail wagging the dog’, is declined, even the chance to be considered and not even heard or considered in a 100% secured Tier 1 trade arena.

Think of it like this; You know that there is a party is being held where the guests are all participating in very lucrative trade programs. They took the correct approach, followed the orders and instructions of the trade platform principals / program director to conform with the financing and trading rules. The people who are inside having a grand time while they multiply their assets and receive proceeds by the platform every trading week renewed; some already for years in ongoing huge project finance.

Now.., you were not invited to this party, but you really would like to attend. If you were going to try to barge in and crash the party, you know you would be automatically resolutely rejected, and most likely banned from showing up ever again in future! None of the participants nor the organizers of this particular party is actually really looking forward to any new-comers, all based on the fear that someone new, could well spoil the party’s pleasant and secured ambiance and existence in time! Pretty severe, isn’t it?

Yet many times, capital providers think they can push their way in, which is hardly the way to get in, or to be ever invited at all! To make yourself attractive for an invitation to the party, you must ‘dress up’ by providing the documents that start the invitation process handed to you by the Program Director of the Tier 1 platform. Those are commonly the bank letter (BCL/RWA as is prewritten on purpose!), passport and client information sheet of the client / signatory, a bank tear sheet no older than 5 days, and some other necessary documents.

There is also the matter of your personal manner. Are you cooperative? Have you disclosed everything? Will you act like a partner who has a pleasing personality that the platform can work with? No matter how rich you are,
remember you are dealing here with the owners of every USD, Euro, or other legal currency on the planet, which will have to approve your Tier 1 trade entry! These here, are just a few things that you as the client/capital provider need to be prepared to do.

The next step is presenting your documents to the designated Program Director of the platform. This is how you make the request to come to the party. After a brief time making sure that you and the money you want to put up for trade are clean and clear as well as owned by you or your company in full, you have passed now through the first doorway in joining the party.

The due-diligence is mandated by the Know Your Customer rules! This is also the ONLY correct way for the relationship to begin.

You, as the client/capital provider, have to take the first step and introduce yourself. Your documents are your introduction. If all the necessary paperwork is presented and you are cleared to enter the next door, you will be dealing directly with the principal(s) of the platform. This is the point where you must pay close attention to the instructions that the platform will give you.

They are required to follow ever-changing rules and requirements to invite you through the last door, which is the entry to the party itself. This, the Trading Contract which binds you and the platform in a legal relationship for the duration of the mutual agreed trade program, it’s rules and possible extensions (evergreens) as well as to accelerated trade possibilities (bullet trades) when they occur.

Because of the enormous amount of fraud and misrepresentation in the market that has resulted in extremely muddy waters for a potential capital provider, each step is taken as rapidly as possible, but very carefully, to make sure that all of the ‘i’s are dotted and ‘t’s crossed at each step by the authorities, legislators and regulators supervising these Tier 1 trades.

If you have the right attitude (Willing) , the right presentation of yourself through your documents, and are truly RWA to follow the required laws in order to let you in to the party, then success is likely – assuming you are dealing with someone who truly IS connected to one of the real few performing trade groups there are in this world and that number is very, very small. Beware!

Never underestimate what the trading entities know about you and your efforts to get into a trade scenario. Failure to disclose or cooperate in all stages of the DD followed by the intake will disqualify you resulting in a ‘NON PERFORMANCE’ status.

These programs are aimed to finance commercially approved projects or humanitarian natured projects on a 80 / 20 basis, not to solve just a personal financial gain or to generate money to make some individuals richer on the planet! The minimum Proof of Funds is 100 Million Euro in Cash to be proved to be owned in FULL by a prospective
client! This is the minimum entry level for a Tier 1 trade per the G20 meeting in Cannes, France in 2011 that the trade regulators and legislators have decided on.

The rest is unimportant as the actual trade will only come per complied and passed DD in full, as
well as by Invitation Only, having passed the compliance part in full! Please do not take this process lightly as it goes well beyond the detail you will initially think it will. The process is very strict! Besides; Tier 1 Trades are the ONLY asset enhancement mechanisms where trader as well as the client both are 100% under total supervision by all global financial legislator and regulatory bodies and need their joint approvals. As such Tier 1 trading is the only safe way of asset trading, where both parties are protected from fraud and any illegal steps at all times!