HK Tear Sheet Program

Minimum $ 100M

Company or Individual Accounts:

1. Colour Copy of Authorized Account Signatories Passport’s (if company can be 1-3 signatories all copies)
2. Copy of Bank Account statements for Current Month (1 month) and past 2 months.
3. If Company – 2 Copies of Company documents; M&A, BR, CR, Directors, Letter of Good standing if BVI. etc
4. Copy of tear-sheet on day of submission by 10am daily.
5. If Company – Board Resolution signed by all authorized signatories that the company is able to pull a daily tear-sheet as required during the tear-sheet program for a minimum 5-35 banking days and that the Company will leave the said Cash Funds in the Company account during the tear-sheet program for a minimum 5-35 banking days. Also that the Trade platform consultant will witness the tear-sheet being pulled and collect to be delivered for processing. (Format will be provided)
6. Client will sign Agency Agreement
7. Client will be required to sign a POA appointing Trade Platform or a Recognized Lawyer (legal firm) as Paymaster to pay profits to Companies nominated bank account and to pay commissions to consultant’s paymaster’s nominated bank account after due diligence. (Format will be provided)
8. Client will sign the IMFPA after Initial due diligence.
9. Client will sign Tear Sheet Program Contract in Lawyers office or Bank after Initial due diligence.


Day 1: Client will provide the above documents 1-6 with a copy of bank tear sheet (print out from bank counter of company bank account closing balance) witnessed by trade platform representative by 10am on the 1st day of submission for due diligence to Trade Platforms representative. (Due diligence 1 day)
Day 2: Morning Client will pull tear-sheet on the morning of 2nd day by 10am which will be witnessed by Trade Platform representative who will then deliver the tear-sheet for processing. Client will sign Tear Sheet Contract and all submitted to HKMA for approval to proceed.
Day 3: Morning Client will pull tear-sheet by 10am daily for a minimum 5-35 banking days or as required which will be witnessed by Trade Platform representative who will then deliver the tear-sheet for processing daily.
Day 3: Afternoon On the afternoon of day 3 or the next banking day after tax deductions – the profits will be paid to client’s nominated bank account and also to consultant’s paymaster’s nominated bank account. This will continue until TS Program completed.


Profits split varies according to available programs available. Profits to client vary from 20%-25% per day subject to which program is available and intermediary consultants commissions vary from 1%-5%. Actual profits amount will be disclosed in contract issued to client after authenticated TS has been provided and verified and HKMA approvals.


Vary in terms of duration and returns from various Platforms. 5-days, 10-days, 20-days and 40-weeks. Programs open and close at random on a first come basis, meaning some programs can be open 1-2 weeks then gone.

NOTE: If any party or company has entered a TS program or PPP program before, they will be rejected. One name 1 time entry. If a party or company can-not pull a tear sheet at any time of day or from any branch of their bank, this may indicate, borrowed funds, there for they will be rejected. We have had parties black listed already.

Additional Info: In some cases the Trade Foundation may be required to inject funds into a JV account with the client, to push returns. No Bank drafts, No cashiers checks, No electronics single signatories. Objective is to protect both clients funds and foundations funds and so all parties share in mutual profits. If a lawyer or Platform is required to be paymaster and assist with deducting tax based on HK Inland Revenue tables a fee of 1% will be charged for specialist work.

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