HK Platform Open till Mid January 30 Days Bullet

Hong Kong Platform Open till Mid January 30 Days Bullet 600%-700% per Month paid Weekly!!!

Don’t need not feel rushed to get your deals in. We have a Hong Kong Platform staying open all the way till Mid January…

$100M USD/EUR Minimum.

They have a Managed Buy/Sell and/or 7X Bullet in 30days (paid weekly). Preferred Banks HSBC HK or Standard Chartered. Please email me for more details. Then, when the Trades come back from the Holidays, we can introduce you to Our Home Platform (Tier One) and trade your Client there too.

For every $100M You make $700M in 30 days, but the Platform Pays you out weekly so that’s $175M Per Week, for 4 weeks, then it goes into a 40 Week Trade, Paying 100% Per week.

We have the Only Platform Open, while others are closed. Email: