Global Mining Investors

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The mining sector is attracting a lot of investments at moment. Investors have been investing in iron ore, coal, gold, oil & gas as well as rare earth.

There are different types of investors in the mining sectors. First, there are strategic mining investors which are often the end of users such as steel companies or utility companies. Second, are the mining companies that are investing into other mining projects or mines nearby their operations. Third, are the institutions or “mining investment companies” which invest in early stage resources companies and take them to IPO or plan for strategic exit.

Mining investors can be found around the world, such as US, Brazil, Canada, Australia, China, India, Middle East and across Europe.

Our Global Natural Resources Investors Guide has 2 databases, one for institutional investors that participate in mining or oil/gas sectors; as well as the 2nd database which consists of strategic investors. For more details, please visit