Global Green Investors

Cleantech & Renewable Energy sectors are growing global industries, and this has also reflected in the rapid growth of investment institutions participating in these opportunities.

There are now different types of investors you can consider, here are some examples:

1. Venture Capital Firms

This includes both industry specific and general venture capital firms which are increasingly including Cleantech in their mandate. Regions: Worldwide

2. Private Equity Firms

Typically, these firms are looking for more established businesses, and provide funding for expansion or acquisitions, these are usually larger amount transactions. Regions: USA, Asia and Europe

3. Government Investment Entities

This applies to both Federal and State or down to city based investment firms sponsored by Government. Regions: North America & Europe

4. Exporting Funding

Some governments are seeing cleantech as the growing opportunity to stimulate exporting opportunities and they have funding programs for greentech sectors. Regions: North America & Europe

5. Community & Angel Investor Forums or Groups

These are formed by individual investors as “clubs” or “association” style for funding and assistances. Regions: North America, Israel

6. University backed investment funds

: Both to fund and to commercialize R&D projects within universities. Regions: USA and Europe

7. Infrastructure Financing Companies

This is a growing sector, where investors are providing financing to projects that can provide consistent income. Regions: USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore

8. Utilities Companies

Utilities companies have been a source for funding for both renewable energy projects and emerging cleantech innovations. Regions: Worldwide

So, here are the 8 sources of investors you can consider, and as the industry continues to expand, more investors will join this global industry.

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