Global Green Industry Investors

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The investment activities in the global green industries continue to rise.

There are many areas of interest by investors these days, here are some good examples on recent deals, and this shows how diverse this industry has evolved.

1. Technologies that are related to auto industries, new types of batteries, fuel efficient engines, electric cars and new type of engines and cooling systems.

2. Large scale solar farms, wind farms have been planned around South America, Asia and Europe

3. New types of solar panels, films and related technologies have been developed & invested by institutions in China, Australia, USA and Germany recently

4. New types of soil that can be used to provide more sustainable agriculture, this has been very popular product in Asia, Africa and Middle East

5. New types of electrical devices and switches that can monitor and save energy uses for home appliances

6. New types of renewable energy including tidal waves, biofuel, geothermal and improvements to nuclear energy

7. New financial services firms specializes in trading green commodities, new green industry Exchange Traded Funds and forest management companies

As you can see, the industry is very diversified and investors are now looking at both technical and services industries. A number of investors are particularly interested in green services companies, they have invested in opportunities such as solar installation companies, water-free car washing franchises and green industry recruitments; which are not related to cleantech, but rather, targeting at the rapid growing environment conscious markets.

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