Funding With Sovereign Guarantees

We provide Project Funding to Government of a Country against Sovereign Guarantees (SG) to help improve the quality life for people around the world. We offer an outstanding proposition for any particular governments that are prepared to issue a Sovereign Guarantee to support their citizen or humanitarian projects.

The process is not easy and requires meticulous planning. For example, if the government required $1 Billion for a large scale infrastructure project, our Funders will provide the $1 Billion funding through a trade program utilizing Sovereign Guarantee (SG).

The Sovereign Guarantee must be an investment grade bond, with a minimum rating of Triple B plus (BBB+) by Standard & Poor’s Ratings (S&P). Our Funder will accept the Sovereign Guarantee into a Joint Account between the Government & our Founder and take the Sovereign Guarantee into a trade program for over 40 weeks. The profits from the Trade Program will be split as agreed between the Government and our Funder.

The result is the Government of that country will end up receiving far more than it originally applied for through the excess profits from the Trade Program and THE GOVERNMENT DO NOT NEED TO PAY THE MONEY BACK!
There is NO cost to the country. NO cash is put up by the country

Below are the IMPORTANT Protocols to be followed for our Funder:

(1). Funder MUST ultimately deal with the President / Prime Minister, the Minister of Finance and the Governor of the Central Bank
(2). Funder CANNOT & WILL NOT solicit for projects or aide
(3). The Government will need to detail HOW they will use the funds eg: Hospitals, Roads, Bridges etc.

The Government must have a clear perspective & specific vision for the use of the funds On acceptance of the proposal from the Government, our Funder will issue a set of guidelines and when the country is ready to accept, they sign the Protocol and the President / Prime Minister must issue a Request to Proceed. The Protocols will be reviewed by the Government’s attorneys and when they have accepted, the Government will need to issue the Sovereign Guarantee.

The Sovereign Guarantee is then deposited in a joint account with our Funder, and our Funder will provide the Cash

Grant matching the Sovereign Guarantee by taking the Guarantee into a Trade Program.

The minimum Sovereign Guarantee Face Value is USD 100M and no maximum limit.
- The currency choice is Euro or United States Dollars.
- SG Rating = BBB+
- Equity is negotiated and assigned to our funder.
- POP = Proof of Project = Relevant Ministry
- Guarantee = Country Central Bank = Sovereign Guarantee
- COST = XX% FPA + XX% Lawyer & Admin Fee
 -Process 45-60 Banking Days after Signing JV Contract Agreement

Required Documents:

i. Corporate Profile / Establishment, Company’s Track Records and Profile of Company Directors / CEO.
ii. A Confirmation Letter from the Finance minister confirming that they are Ready, Willing and Able to issue a
Government / Sovereign Guarantee to the credit facility provider alias Investor.
iii. Proof of Government Approval Documents, Current Project’s Ownership, its status & other information etc.
iv. The Project Proposal, Executive Summary, Financial Statement or Bank’s Details/Information, Technical
Feasibility, Reports, Financial Projects, Cost Analysis etc.

****** Please note that Sovereign Guarantee is highly & strictly confidential information which is specifically meant only for a government of a particular country, therefore; We WILL NOT initiate first contact or telephone call to any particular high ranking government official(s) as stated above because that will be a violation of the non-solicitation laws. We WILL NOT solicit and we WILL NOT commit such act. ******

****** Also, please note that we DO NOT publicized, promote or advertise etc our Sovereign Guarantee (SG) or
any other offerings such as Structure Funding, Mine Funding, Private Placement Program (PPP) in the open general public or in any media, cyber-forum, internet etc because it is a violation of laws/regulations/rules. ******

If you are interested, please furnish & submit FULL DETAILS including COMPLETE INFORMATION etc as clearly stated & written. If you failed to submit complete details, we will not waste time with further correspondences or wait leisurely for you to come back at your own time. In such instance, we deemed you as being a young & small
school student submitting school homework. We will stop. Please do not waste your time by submitting fake
government documents etc because in the end, it will immediately be rejected and you will be reported!

If you have any inquiry, please let me know on