Enhance Marketability Of Your Asset

We are able to issue an instrument verifiable through the London Stock Exchange SEDOL/ISIN system in order to clear any issues pertaining with the authenticity, validity and verification of the financial instrument. London Stock Exchange SEDOL/ISIN system is respected worldwide as a reliable and efficient verification and authentication system of financial instruments.

With our current instrument we have accomplish that and now we can further issue a MT-760 of the custody that is handle by the securities registrar. As the instrument that we have created has the following characteristics:

1. Verifiable and authenticated as it is registered with the London Stock Exchange SEDOL/ISIN system;

2. The instrument is dematerialized and can be held in electronic form in the books of the registrar;

3. The rights of the instrument are easily transferable in the books of the registrar and such transfer can be confirmed in the form of a MT-760 to any bank.

In the case of creating Certificates of Beneficial Interest/SKR and issuing, registering such certificates/notes with the London Stock Exchange SEDOL/ISIN system for verification and authentication purposes. In order to issue, create, register the instrument in the London Stock Exchange SEDOL/ISIN system we have to contract the services of an Investment Bank. The Investment Bank has to collaborate with (attorneys, investment banks, registrars, etc) therefore, placing the instrument on the screen requires that the required documentation be prepared by professionals.

There are no set procedures as no two transactions are the same, the best method to detailed what will be considered an overview of the transaction is as follows:

1. We receive the documentation on the asset that is being place on Safekeeping, whether or not is a tangible or an intangible asset.

2. Once we have received the documentation pertaining to the asset in question then we can propose (tailor make) a structure as to how we will dematerialize such asset in certificated form;

3. Once that structure has been proposed to the client along with the cost associated with it as there are always parties involved in the registration, creation and issuance of such certificates (i.e. Attorneys, Investment Banks, Brokers, Registrars);

4. If the client accepts the cost associated with the proposed structured then a contract is signed and a retainer is placed (i.e. when needed) in order to commence the dematerialization of the asset into certificated form.

That is the general overview of how the transactions are handle with the details changing on a transaction per transaction basis.

If you are interested on pursuing the issuance of a Certificate of Beneficial Interest/SKR we can further discuss how we can improve the marketability of your illiquid asset. Send email to: