Emerging Cleantech Capital Markets

Besides the 2 heavy-weights in Cleantech Investments (USA & China), there are other markets you should consider to raise capital for cleantech related opportunities.

Here are some good reasons to contact investors in these markets


1) Many of these markets are encouraging Cleantech Industries and have grants & funds allocated
2) Sometimes this means less competition, and
3) Each market has their own domestic demand & urgency on certain Cleantech opportunities.

Let us look at 5 of these emerging markets:

1) Singapore: Singapore is emerging as a major market for cleantech related industries. It has increasing number of private and semi-private institutions that are active in the cleantech sectors. Sectors it is most actively in: water management, water separation, energy efficiency and energy storage opportunities.
2) Taiwan: Another Asian nation that has seen Cleantech Industry as a key industry to provide jobs growth, as well as solving internal waste management problems. Investors in Taiwan include both institutions, Government and utilities companies. Sectors in focus: Solar industry, waste management, energy efficiency and water treatment
3) Germany: We should not call it an emerging capital market. Germany continues to grow its influence in the Cleantech Industry worldwide, and it is now a leading capital source for all sectors of cleantech & renewable energy segments.
4) Israel: Israel’s influence in cleantech sectors is quite notable. They are one of the earliest investors in the Cleantech Sectors. Sectors in focus: water, renewable energy, sustainable agriculture and energy efficient technologies.

5) India: India’s venture capital industry is rising and more and more Cleantech Venture capital investors are also being established as well as receiving funding from global organizations such as ADB and joint venture with American and Israeli venture capital firms. Sectors of focus: renewable energy, energy infrastructure, water treatment and energy storage technologies.

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