$/€10m+ Bank Trade Contract


-The $/€10m+ Bank Contract is a high yield trade buy-sell program that allows a client to utilise Cash or Investment Grade Assets safely and securely in accordance with the detailed procedures set out in the accompanying summary documentation.

-Only funds in major International Banks in acceptable countries are allowed to participate in these Bank Contracts.
Funds in unacceptable Banks and or unacceptable Countries should either be moved by the Client prior to Application and Compliance or may be moveable with the assistance of the Trader after Application and Compliance and funds verification.

-Bank Trade Contracts are 100% risk free.
The Contract is a guaranteed bank contract with a top international Bank.
There are no restrictions on the use of profits.

-The Bank Trade contract payouts are irrevocable provided the client abides by the terms of the contract.
The Bank Trade Contract is presented by the Trader at the Client’s bank after compliance etc.

-The Bank Trade Contract comes with full banking responsibility and has a non performance clause holding the Trader and the Trade Bank fully responsible.

-The Trader and the Client as Investor will set up a day to meet the Client, and his Attorney, if desired, at the Client’s Bank to sign the Contract.

-When the Contract has been signed the Client’s Funds are blocked in his Bank account for the term of the Contract.
The Client is required to arrange a simple non callable Administrative Hold/Block on his funds in his Bank in favour of the Trade Bank by external Inter Bank SWIFT or Internal arrangement depending upon the Banks involved.

-The Client’s Bank must stand behind the hold by Swift Message MT700 etc. to the Trade bank to fully trigger the Trader’s credit line within the Trade Bank.

-The Trader utilizes his own funds/credit line to carry out the trading in accordance with the Contract and which is triggered by the Client’s Blocked Funds, (the Client’s account is not callable at any time).
-The Trader only utilises Bank Contracts issued by major Banks and these are issued with full responsibility by the Trade Bank.

-Applicants with funds in a Bank which is within the Transaction Bank Group can usually block funds internally within the Bank for a transaction.

-Applicants with funds in other major Banks will usually be required to arrange an external block of funds via a Bank Responsible SWIFT MT 700 etc. in favour of the Transaction Bank. The wording is very simple and straightforward.

-Multiple Contracts are potentially available.


-In accordance with the standards required of most high level Bank Trades and Platforms there are restrictions on the level of fees available to Introducers from the Transactions.

-The Fee is calculated by reference to the Client Profit on each and every transaction that the Client contracts, or in certain higher value transactions,for example a
500m transaction it is calculated on the traded instrument values, which will produce
significantly higher fees (detailed information is available).

-The Fee is split 50/50 between the Trader’s Office Team and the Client Side Introducers and paid by Pay Orders to any nominated Paymaster for each side.
-If this is not acceptable to certain Introducers then Direct Investor Introducers may prefer to make Private Arrangements with their Investor Client to receive a higher, but reasonable Fee, payable directly to the Direct Investor Introducer by their Client from the Client’s receipts of Profit.

-Any Private Arrangement cannot be acknowledged for payment by the Trader, or the Trade Bank and cannot be included within the Trade Bank Contract, and must remain both discrete and private.

-A Direct Investor Introducer cannot simultaneously require recognition by the Trader or Trade Bank for Fees payable by the Trader and Trade Bank and also by their Investor Client.


The attached Summaries and these Notes should provide all the information required.

-To commence the following initial information is required:

1. Proof of Funds/Assets – documents to evidence the funds or asset of a recent date.
2. Passport of Signatory on the Funds or Asset Safekeeping Account
3. Brief Client Information Sheet

(a specific format of CIS is issued for Client completion depending upon the amount and place of Deposit of the Cash or the Type and Status of the Investment Grade Asset – & will be issued for Client completion when the initial details are made available. This is NOT the CIS which forms part of the Application & Compliance
package for the Trader’s Office.)

-This information is initially provided to the Trader’s Office to establish initial acceptability and also to clarify whether the Client/Funds/Assets have been seen previously and any initial credibility issues and acceptable formats of transaction PRIOR to the issue of a Coded Application and Compliance Package.

-After a brief initial review unless anything untoward occurs the relevant coded Application and Compliance Package will be issued for completion together with full instructions.

-If the Client intends to complete and issue the package Introducers will need to consider the Fee position, the details of which are set out in the Notes etc. and advise accordingly.

-Transactions proceed in accordance with the detailed Procedures set out in the Summaries.

To start please send KYC + POF to

DISCLAIMER: We are NOT a Securities Dealer or Broker or Investment adviser. We are a Consultant and make no warranties or representations as to the Buyer, Seller or Transaction. All due diligence is the responsibility of the Buyer and Seller. This Article and related documents are never to be considered a solicitation for any purpose in any form or context. Upon reading these Articles, the recipient hereby acknowledges this Disclaimer.

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